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 The Fersion Treatment

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The Fersion Treatment Empty
PostSubject: The Fersion Treatment   The Fersion Treatment I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 4:41 am

We lacked to tell everyone that anyone who disobeys rules in an act of trolling will receive The Fersion Treatment.

T h e F e r s i o n T r e a t m e n t

As we all know, Fersion is well-loved by the admins of TMx2. Except for Your Lord and Master, Satan, because headaches.
He's like the little scamp who fucks everything up and builds time machines out of colliding props.

HOWEVER, Fersion was not always so well-mannered at first. At first he came on with the sole purpose of trolling. If you're being a troll without purpose on the server, you're going to get banned. If you can miraculously make us laugh our asses off while doing this, you're Fersion.

We don't drive Fersions out. We like to tame them, wean them off the bottle. So instead, we slay them.
In rapid succession.
Sometimes 1337 times.

We gave little Fersy-wersy the treatment for a year, and now he's so polite he ASKS for nukes before firing!

We ♥ you, Fersion.

Like a Star @ heaven I love you flower Sunshine is the warmest feeling on earth, but cuddles are the warmest thing in the universe. flower I love you Like a Star @ heaven
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The Fersion Treatment
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